My Essential Travel CLOTHING !

Uniqlo Ultra Light Down Jacket
Uniqlo is my favorite store !  I bring my teal ultra light down jacket with me on every trip.  It’s warm, water-resistant, easy for layering, and folds into a small pouch that doubles as a pillow on flights.  For style, it’s designed to create a slim fitted cut.


NET Black Stretch Legging Pants


Whenever I’m in Taiwan, I shop at NET and buy multiple pairs of these super affordable, super comfortable legging pants.  They come in various colors and can be dressed up or down with heels or flats.  Great to wear on flights or even to wear to the office.


Bossini Multi-Purpose Traveller Windbreaker

Bossini Jacket.jpg

I Heart Multi-Function !  Not only is this windbreaker reversible, it transforms and folds into a neck pillow.  One side is a navy blue Teflon fabric that’s wind-proof, water-proof, and dirt-proof and the other side is a soft and cozy polka dot fleece.


Paul Frank Hoodie Buddie with Built-in Earbuds

Another multi-functional find !  Hoodie with earbuds built into the draw strings.  My iPod or phone fits into the Julius monkey zipper front pocket that has the plug for the earbuds.  Best used for flights or for listening to tunes while hitting the slopes.


Paisley Peacock Scarf

Scarves are so versatile !  I have all kinds in many different colors and patterns.  Great as an added pop of color to outfits, as a blanket on chilly flights, as a pillow cover on overnight trains, as a headscarf in the desert, as a sarong on the beach, etc etc.


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